Caledon, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland

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15th Century
1480 First mention of settlement in Caledon
1498 Lord-Deputy Kildare marched against Mac Art O'Nial in his strong hold in Kennard - the strong hold is given to Tirlagh O'Nial

17th Century
1614 Caledon allocated to Catherine Ny Neill
1619 Tirlagh O'Nial builds a bawn of lime and stone near which he erected a castle
1641 Aghaloo church destroyed
1641 Sir Phelim makes Lord Caulfield a prisoner at Kennard in the castle of which he put his lordship to death
1642 Dromorragh, the residence of Sir Feilim O'Neill is burnt
1666 Hearth money roles records six British hearth owners in the town

18th Century
1738 Caledon Estate is acquired by the Earls of Cork and Orrery by marriage from the Hamilton family
1767 Church at Aughaloo is erected by Primate Robinson - the spire is later added by the then Lord Caledon
1776 Parochial school built
1776 Caledon Estate bought from the Earl of Cork for 94,400 by James Alexander (later first Earl of Caledon)
1790 James Alexander (later first Earl of Caledon) is made Baron Caledon
1797 James Alexander (later first Earl of Caledon) is made Viscount Caledon

19th Century
1800 Earldom of Caledon is created
1801 The Earl of Caledon is 30th in order of precedence in Ireland
1802 James Alexander (first Earl of Caledon) dies
1805 Roman Catholic Chapel erected in townland of Derrygooley
1806 Extensive renovations start on Caledon House
1807 The living is made a perpetual curacy
1811 Renovations on Caledon House completed
1822 Courthouse erected at cost of 3000 pounds
1823 Roman Catholic Chapel considerably enlarged
1823 Flour mills erected by Lord Caledon
1824 Seceding Presbyterian meeting house erected at cost of 300 pounds
1827 John Foster McCreight (British Columbias' first Premier) is born in Caledon
1831 Presbyterian Meeting House in townland of Lesmulladown started
1831 Population reaches its highest point at 1079
1834 Wesleyan Methodist chapel erected at cost of 108 pounds
1835 There are 120 houses in the village of Caledon
1835 More renovations carried out to Caledon House
1839 Du Pre Alexander (second Earl of Caledon) dies
1840 Footbridge at Glenarb is built
1842 Caledon contains 226 stone houses and is regarded as one of the best built towns in the North of Ireland
1855 James Du Pre Alexander (third Earl of Caledon) dies
1860 Caledon Estate is approximately 13,789 ha (34,064 acres) and valued a 22,321
1860 Earl of Caledon owns 82% of Caledon
1897 James Alexander (fourth Earl of Caledon) dies

20th Century
1942 US Army units arrive in Caledon for training exercises in preperation for action in North Africa and Italy
1944 Last company of US Army units leaves Caledon (April)
1968 Eric James Desmond Alexander (fifth Earl of Caledon) dies
1980 Denis James Alexander (sixth Earl of Caledon) dies

21st Century
2002 Caledon Estate is approximately 972 ha (2,400 acres)

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