Caledon, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland

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Earls of Caledon

The Earldom of Caledon was created in 1800 in the Peerage of Ireland. The recipient, James Alexander, had in 1790 been created Baron Caledon, and in 1797 Viscount Caledon. The three Caledon titles have remained united under one holder.

Currently the Earl of Caledon is 3rd in order of local precedence in Northern Ireland behind only the Lord Lieutenant of the Country (of which he represents Armagh) and the Lord Lieutenant for Country Antrim - The Lord O'Neill. Prior to 1801 The Earl of Caledon was 30th in order of precedence in Ireland.

History of Peerage of Caledon
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Arms - Per pale arg. and sa., a chevron, and in base a crescent, all counter changed; on a canton az., a harp or, stringed arg.

Crest - An arm, in armour, embowed, ppr., holding a sword of the last, hilt and pommel.

Supporters - Dexter, a mermaid, with her mirror, all ppr., sinister, an elephant arg.

Motto - Per mare, per terras.

Seats - Caledon Castle, Co. Tyrone; Tyttenhanger Park, St. Albans, Hertforshire

Clubs - Guards'; Turf.

The 6th Earl of Caledon (Denis James Alexander), Viscount Caledon, and Baron Caledon, of Caledon, co. Tyrone, in Ireland, educated Eton, and R.M.C. Sandhurst, Major Irish Guards, b. 10 Nov. 1920, succeeded his uncle as 6th Earl 1968, married firstly, 6 April, 1943 (marriage dissolved by divorce1948), Ghislaine, only daughter of Cornelius Willem Dresselhuys, of Long Island, U.S.A., and of Edith Viscountess Kemaley, and has issue:

1. Tana Marie, born 2 March, 1945.

He married secondly, 31 December 1952, Baroness Anne Louise (died 20 July, 1963), only child of late Baron Nicholas Werner Alexander de Graevenitz and by her has issue:

1. Nicolas James, born 6 May,1955;
2. Elizabeth Jane, born 28 March,1962.

He married thirdly, 4 August 1964, Marie Elisabeth Burton, formerly wife of Major Hon. lan Maxwell Erskine, Grenadier Guards and daughter of late Major Richard Burton Allen, late 3rd Dragoon Guards, of Benvheir House, Ballachulish, Argyll.


Captain Andrew Alexander, of Gannochy in Errigal, co. Londonderry in 1603 (youngest son of John Alexander, of Bridy, co. Donegal, living 1613), had grant of the lands of Ballyclose, near Newtown Limavaddy, co. Londonderry in 1666 from Sir Thomas Philips, Governor of Culmore fort Londonderry. He was attainted in the Parliament held by James II in Dublin in 1689. He married firstly – Philips and by her was ancestor of the family of Alexander of Ahilly. He married secondly – Hillhouse and by her had a son:

John Alexander of Ballyclose in 1717 who purchased the lands of Gunsland, co. Donegal, married Anne, daughter of John White, of Cady Hill, co. Londonderry, and had issue:

1. John, of Ballyclose, his heir, ancestor of Alexander of Milford Co. Carlow;
2. Nathaniel, of whom hereafter;
3. William, ancestor of Alexander, Bt. of Dublin;
4. Martha, married Alexander Kellie.

John Alexander died 12 March, 1747. His second son Nathaniel Alexander, of Gunsland, born 1689, was admitted an Alderman of the City of Londonderry, 1766. He married Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of William McClintock, of Dunmore, Co. Donegal and died 22 Sept, 1761, having had with other issue, a 3rd son:

James Alexander First Earl of Caledon, H.E.I.C.S., MP London¬derry 1775 90, Sheriff of co. Tyrone 1780, was elevated to the Peerage of Ireland, 6 June, 1790, by the title of BARON CALEDON of Caledon, Co. Tyrone. On 23 Nov. 1797. his Lordship was advanced to the dignity of Viscount CALEDON, of Caledon, co. Tyrone, and, 29 Dec. 1800. created Earl of Caledon, co. Tyrone. He was born 1730, married 28 November 1774, Anne (died 21 Dec. 1777), 2nd daughter of James Craufurd of Cranfurdsburn, Co. Down, and had issue with two daughters. His Lordship, died 22 March, 1802 and was succeeded by his son:

Du Pre, 2nd Earl of Caledon, KP, MP Newtownards, In the Irish Parliament 1800, one of the representative peers of Ireland, H.M. Lieutenant Co. Tyrone, and Colonel of the Tyrone Militia. He was the first Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, when it was ceded to Great Britain 1806 11, and the Caledon River and the District of Caledon are named after him. He was born 14 Dec. 1777, married 16 Oct. 1811, Catherine Freman (died 8 July, 1863), 2nd daughter and co heir of 3rd Earl of Hardwicke, and died 8 April, 1839, having issue, an only son:

James Du Pre third Earl of Caledon. MP Tyrone 1837 39, a representative peer, Captain Coldstream Guards and Colonel of the Tyrone Militia, born 27 July, 1812, married 4 Sept 1845, Lady Jane Frederica Harriot Mary Grimston, V.A. third class) Lady of the Bedchamber to H.M. Queen Victoria (died 30 March, 1888), 4th daughter of 1st Earl of Verulam, and had issue:

1. James, 4th Earl.
2. Walter Philip, Lieutenant Colonel and Brevet Col. late commanding 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys), served In South African War 1899—1900 (Queen's medal, five clasps), born 9 Feb. 1849, married 13 April, 1882, Margaret Katherine, M.B.B. (died 12 Sept. 1929), daughter of Rev. Hon. Francis Sylvester Grimston and died 30 Oct. 1934, having had issue:

Phillip Sylvester, Captain late eighth K.R.I. Hussars, served In World War 1 1915 18 (despatches, wounded), born 6 Feb. 1883, married 81 Dec. 1925, Violet Lucy (Kilmorna, Lismore, Co. Waterford), younger daughter of late Hans Hendrick Ayimer, of Kerdiffstown, Sallins, Co. Kildare, and died 22 Oct. 1952, having had issue

Charles Godfrey, Lieutenant 8th Hussars, born 22 Jan. 1928, killed in action in Korea, 3 January 1951.

Patricia Margaret, born 29 Dec. 1929, married 5 Sept. 1959, 22nd Baron Gray, and has issue:

Mary Catherine, J.P. Wiltshire, born 1885; died unmarried 25 Nov. 1963.

3. Charles, late Major and honorary Lieutenant Colonel 3rd Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born 26 Jan. 1854, married 1880, Kate (died 4 Feb. 1946), daughter of Charles Stayner, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and died 27 Oct. 1909, having had issue:

1. Conn, late Captain 3rd Battalion. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and Lieutenant Grenadier Guards, served in South African War 1900 02, in World War 1 1914 19, and in World War 2 1939 45 (Pioneer Corps and CMP~ (19, Normandy Lane, East Preston, Sussex), born 2 Jan. 1883, educated Harrow, married firstly, 26 March, 1906, Gladys Constance (died 31 Jan. 1944), younger daughter of Thomas Wrigley Grimshaw, C.B., M.D., and has issue:

1. James Conn (Countess Cross, North Road, Highlands, Rhodesia), born 11 June, 1907, married 27 Feb. 1939 to Beatrice Mary, daughter of late George Herbert Stringer, of 41, Lexden Road, Colchester, Essex.

2. Mona, married 28 Jan. 1939, Colonel Richard Michael Aylmer, R.A.S.C. (Ayesha Castle, Killiney, Co. Dublin; Naval and Military Club), son of late Algernon Ambrose Michael AyImer, of Rath¬more and Kerdiffstown, co. Kildare and has issue:

1. Justin Michael, born 3 Jan. 1940, educacted Wellington.

2. Dennis Fenton, born 21 May, 1942, educated Wellington.

2. Marjorie, born 30 January 1912, married 19 June, 1931, Brig. Richard Francis O'Donnell Gage, C.B.E., M.C., R.E. (The Manor House, Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim), younger son of Captain Richard Stewart Gage and has had issue:

1. Ezekiel Conn, Major R.A. (The Manor House, Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim; United Service Club), born 15 March, 1933, educated Welling¬ton, married 7 Aug. 1965, Frances Elizabeth, elder daughter of Major Frederick George Bolam, and has issue:

Matthew James George, born 9 Jan. 1966;

Victoria Louise, born 17 Oct. 1968.

2 Patrick Richard, Lieutenant R.N., born 21 September 1938, educated Wellington, married 6 Oct. 1962, Annette Daphne, only daughter of late John Charles Staveley, of Gloyns House, Yealmpton, Devon and has issue:

Rory James, born 11 Aug. 1965;

Nicola Jane, born 17 April, 1964.

Patricia Ruth, born 19 Sept. 1935, died Aug. 1936.

He married secondly, 9 Dec. 1944, Doris Minnie, youngest daughter of late Robert Facey, of 24, Wolstonbury Road, Hove, Sussex.

1. Ughna, died young, 18 May, 1893

2. Sheelagh Jane (Centreville R.R.I., King's Co., Nova Scotia, Canada).

3. Cethlyn Sarah Mohred, married 27 June, 1925, Commander Bredin DeIap, R.N. (ret.) (Centreville R.R.I., Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada), eldest son of late Rev. Canon Alexander Henry Delap M.A., of Strabane Rectory, Co. Tyrone, and has issue, two daughters:

1. Jane Charlotte Elizabeth, born 1 May, 1850, married 1 Sept 1887, Captain Edmund Barker Van Koughnet, C.M.G., R.N., J.P., 2nd son of Honorable Philip Michael Scott Van Koughnet, Q.C., Chancellor of Ontario, and died 23 June, 1941. He d.s.p. 27 March, 1905.

The Earl died 30 June, 1865, and was succeeded by his son:

James. 4th Earl of Caledon, K.P., a representative peer. D.L., Captain 1st Life Guards; Major Late 4th Battalion the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, served In Egyptian Campaign, 1882 (medal and clasp and Khedive's bronze star), born 11 July, 1846, married 9 Oct. 1884, Lady Elizabeth Graham Toler (died 6 Oct. 1939), 2nd daughter of 3rd Earl of Norbury, and had issue:

1. Eric James Desmond, 5th Earl;

2. Herbrand Charles, D.S.O. (1915) Major late 5th Lancers, served in World War 1 1914 18 (despatches three times), and in World War 2 1939 45 as Lieutenant Colonel Pioneer Corps, born 28 Nov. 1888, educated Harrow, and R.M.C. Sandhurst, married firstly, 11 Feb. 1919 (marriage dissolved by divorce 1927), Millicent Valla, only daughter of Sir Henry Bayly Meredyth, 5th Battalion, and had issue:

Denis James 6th and present Earl.

He married secondly, 1 July, 1937, Hon. Ada Kate (Ashtown Manor, Castleknock, co. Dublin), formerly wife of late Charles Barry Domvile, and daughter of late Hon. Richard Eustace Bellew and died 6 May, 1965.

3. Harold Rupert Leofric George created Earl Alexander of Tunis, 1952.

4 William Sigismund Patrick, D.S.O. (1917), D.L. (1956 67) Essex, Colonel Irish Guards, formerly Major H.A.C. (T.A.), served in World War 1 1914 18 (wounded, despatches), and in World War 2 1939 45 (Gobions House Farm, Mowsley, Rugby, Warwickshire; Guards Club) born 16 Nov. 1895, educated Harrow, married 27 June, 1934, Jane Hermione (died 13 Dec. 1967), only daughter of late Commander Bernard Buxton, D.S.O. R.N. and has issue:

1 Allistair Patrick Lindsay, Vice President and General Manager, Delli Silver Plate, San Francisco U.S.A., 2nd Lieutenant Irish Guards 1953 55 (2665, Laquna Street, San Francisco, California 94123, U.S.A.; Guards' Club), born 27 July, 1935, educated Eton, married 19 Oct. 1961 Evelyn, daughter of Massimimo Forte, of 28, Via San Sebastiano, of Rome, and has issue:

1. Simone Eugenia, born 6 May, 1962.

2. Desmond Charles Bernard, born 7 April, 1938, educated Eton, University of B.C. (B.Com. 1960), and Lancaster University (M.A. 1968).

The Earl died 27 April, 1898, and was succeeded by his eldest son:

Eric James Desmond, 5th Earl of Caledon, educated Eton, and Trinity College Cambridge, Major Reserve of Officers, late Life Guards, served in World War 1 1914 18 (wounded), and in Baltic on staff 1919 21, born 9 Aug. 1885; died unmarried 10 July, 1968, and was succeeded by his nephew.


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