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Caledon, South Africa

Map of Caledon, South Africa


Caledon was named after the Earl of Caledon who was the governor of the Cape of Good Hope in 1813. Caledon was then and still is an important town for the wheat, barley and wool farmers in the Overberg Region. The town is famous for the hot water springs, which were discovered in the 17th century.

Situated at the foot of the Swartberg, this area offers the nature lover wild flowers, hiking trails and bird watching. The many museums also allows one the opportunity of delving into this quaint little towns interesting heritage.

Picture of Caledon, South Africa

History and Culture

History of Caledon The Caledon region is rich in cultural history with sites of documented habitation dating back 40 000 years and rock art in certain isolated area. The first mission stations at the Cape were established in the region and the mineral hot springs as Caledon developed into one of the first resort sites at the Cape.

During the early colonial period extensive trading took place between the Dutch and Khoi-Khoi residing in the Overberg. This trading might have paved the way for the development of businesses in the area which in the long run, propagated into bigger companies.

During 1970 a museum was established and has developed a mission tailored to meet local needs, which includes maintaining a community archive and promoting local culture.

Contact Details:

Caledon Tourism Bureau
PO Box 258
Caledon 7230
Tel: (028) 212 1511

Picture of Caledon, South Africa   Picture of Caledon, South Africa   Picture of Caledon, South Africa

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